Bridge across the Six Mile

(Degalgil Creek near Nagoorin)

This bridge is a great example of the timber bridges along the proposed Rail Trail.

It is a testament to the bridge carpenters who built and maintained this sturdy structure, and is one of the fifty plus timber and concrete/steel bridges which will be preserved along the corridor.

While it will have a different use in the future, many, while enjoying the Rail Trail of the future, will pause and say “Isn’t it great they saved these”.

As the photos show, this bridge had been covered in flood debris since the 2013 floods.

It was in danger from fire and it is great to see it all removed.

The Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail would like to express our appreciation to Bruce and his team from Denpac for the great work they have done in cleaning up and removing this rubbish.

It would have been quite a job.

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