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Have you ever tried bushwalking? It is a great way to unwind from the stresses of life and to get exercise at the same time. Bushwalking is fun and a great way to meet people. The desire to explore the natural world around us is the heritage from which the country developed. Bushwalking is the true spirit of Australia. The Central Queensland region is well situated with many diverse areas for bushwalking.


The Gladstone District Bushwalkers Club has been operating since 1989 after two Local Sisters, Mona Oliver and Brenda Beauchamp, had a vision of like-minded locals forming a club that would foster and encourage bushwalking as a recreational activity. The Club has changed very little from those early days and many of the original founding members are still actively enjoying Club Membership.

Its organisation is very low key. A general meeting is held monthly as advertised in the Club newsletter. All interested persons are welcome to attend these meetings. A bi-monthly newsletter is sent to all members giving information on forthcoming activities including details on the degree of difficulty and type of country through which the activity will take place.

Whilst the activities are predominantly walking, members participate in related outdoor activities such as canoeing.

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